Cavalier Diner: Giving Back to the Free Clinic

Sal and Aristea

Thanks to the ongoing generosity of the community, the Free Clinic helps women and men manage their chronic disease throughout transitions in their lives.

Sal was a patient at the Free Clinic for over 12 years. His wife is the owner of Cavalier Diner in Charlottesville. Their family’s finances were tight when they first opened the diner, and health insurance was not possible.

Sal struggles to manage his diabetes and has a heart condition. His medication needs are significant – two different types of insulin and nine pills on a daily basis. Twelve years of access to the Free Clinic pharmacy and medical clinic helped keep his serious health issues under control.

This year, Sal turned 65 and was able to enroll in Medicare. Grateful for the Free Clinic for providing ongoing medical care and medications to Sal, Aristea now gives back to the Free Clinic through donations of meals for our Evening Clinic volunteers.