Two Years of Generous Support from AIM

CFC Thanks Alliance for Interfaith Ministries

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Alliance for Interfaith Ministries (AIM), a Charlottesville-based organization of multi-faith congregations, was looking for an efficient way to give back to the community when they found the CFC Dental Clinic. The organization focuses on helping people who are experiencing an unexpected drop in income. They help on a temporary case-by-case basis to help people get their feet back on the ground. AIM’s mission is to provide emergency assistance to residents of Charlottesville and Albemarle County. They seek to keep families from being evicted or losing their electricity, to provide access to much needed medical care, and to help with essential living and work-related expenses. Some of AIM’s common projects include providing help with rent, utilities, eye exams and eyeglasses, or funding for prescriptions.

Two years ago, it came to AIM’s attention that dentures and emergency dental work were community needs during economic downturns.  They discovered that one of AIM’s board members had first-hand knowledge of the waiting list for dental care. AIM decided to build a partnership with the CFC Dental Clinic. Over the last two years, AIM has contributed $25,750 in support of the CFC Dental Clinic. We express our gratitude for this support and our valued partnership.