Donate Now

There are many different ways that you can donate to the Charlottesville Free Clinic.

If you have any questions regarding donations please contact CFC Development Coordinator Lyraya Showstack at 434-295-8965 or

The Charlottesville Free Clinic is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Contributions to the CFC are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Thank you for supporting Charlottesville Free Clinic.


To make a donation over the phone, please contact CFC Development Coordinator Lyraya Showstack at 434-295-8965 or


You may mail us your check or credit card information using this form.


You may want to consider donating appreciated stock. If you have owned the stock for more than a year and the value has appreciated, donating stock shares directly to the CFC accomplishes two purposes: you will support the CFC and you will avoid paying the capital gains tax on the stock which you would have been responsible for if you have sold the stock, kept the money and written a check to the CFC.

To make a stock donation, please have your financial advisor contact CFC Development Coordinator Lyraya Showstack at 434-295-8965 or

Tribute Gifts

Honoring or memorializing someone with a donation to the CFC is a meaningful way to recognize the impact that person has had on your life. Some of our supporters have asked family and friends to make donations to the CFC in lieu of flowers when a loved one has passed away. Others have highlighted a special occasion such as an anniversary or birthday. Each year several supporters choose to make a donation during the holidays recognizing colleagues, clients, their physician or dentist or their child’s teachers. We list all honorees in our newsletters and annual report.

Upon receipt of memorial and honorarium gifts, the CFC will send a note to the recipient if the donor provides an address. For gifts that come directly to the CFC at your suggestion, we will provide you with the donor’s name and contact information so you can acknowledge the gift.

Matching gifts

Many employers match a portion or all of their employees’ charitable donations. If you provide us with information about your employer’s matching gift program, we are happy to complete any necessary paperwork.

UVA and State Employees: donate through the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC)

The CVC is an annual charitable giving campaign for employees of the Commonwealth of Virginia including colleges and universities. In recent years, about 350 state employees, most of whom work for the University of Virginia or the UVA Health System, have designated all or a portion of their CVC donation to the Charlottesville Free Clinic generating about $75,000 annually. The Charlottesville Free Clinic’s CVC charity code is #3739.

CVC Campaign at the University of Virginia

Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign

Accept Referrals

If you are interested in accepting CFC referrals to your primary care or specialized medical practice by providing providing free or reduced-fee services for CFC patients please contact CFC Patient Care Manager Christine Worsham at 434-295-0008 or If you have a dental practice and would to see CFC patients, contact CFC Director of Dental Operations Anne Cressin at 434-972-6215 or

Donate Dinner

Since many of our evening volunteers come to the clinic to start their shifts straight from their daytime jobs or school and don’t have time to eat dinner, the CFC provides dinners donated by local restaurants, caterers, civic groups and individuals. We are always looking for new “staff stuffers.” It’s a fun group project for students, churches or civic groups and a meaningful way for local restaurants and caterers—whose employees are often CFC patients—to support the hard work of our volunteers and say thank you for keeping our community healthy. If you are interested in donating a dinner for our volunteers, contact CFC Development Coordinator Lyraya Showstock at 434 295-8964 or

See our current list of Staff Stuffers.

Medical and Dental supplies

We have very limited storage space, so we do not accept donations of medical or dental equipment or supplies except on a very limited basis. The MERCI Program at UVA accepts unused medical supplies. To find out more information, visit In compliance with Virginia state law, the CFC cannot accept any donations of medications.