About Us

From the volunteers who treat our patients and assist with daily operations…

To the health care professionals and organizations that provide pro bono services for our patients…to the individuals, foundations, public funders, businesses, civic groups and churches who provide annual financial support…to the low-income underserved adults and families who depend on our services…We are one community, driven by the conviction that everyone should have access to quality health care.

The Charlottesville Free Clinic is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) founded in 1992 by Dr. Mohan Nadkarni and Dr. Paul DeMarco during their residencies at UVA Hospital to provide a health support system that offers high-quality and compassionate care to the low-income underserved in our community, who would otherwise not have access to care and who would otherwise suffer needlessly from many routine and preventable medical conditions. We offer free medical care, dental care, and medications for low-income underserved adults between the ages of 19-64 and their families in and around Charlottesville. Out of the 60 free clinics in Virginia in 2011, the CFC is one of only 15 to receive accreditation from the Virginia Association of Free Clinics.

Our Vision

The Charlottesville Free Clinic is an open door to health care for our neighbors in need.

Our Mission
  • To provide a volunteer community health-support system that offers high-quality health care to the working underserved population, which would otherwise have no access to care.
  • To provide practical experience for current and future health care professionals.
  • To hasten, through education and advocacy, the creation of a comprehensive policy for access to health care.
Our Values
  • Health care (including prevention and education), which is prompt, expert and efficacious.
  • Delivery of such care with emphasis on compassion, sensitivity, confidentiality and integrity.
  • Advocacy for a better system of health care for all, eventually eliminating the need for free clinics.