CFC and the Health Insurance Marketplace

ACA Enrollment

ACA Picture

The third annual open enrollment for the Health Insurance Marketplace (HIM), often referred to as ObamaCare, will end January 31, 2016.  CFC has found  assisting patients with enrollment is essential.

The HIM has strict requirements for paying the first month’s premium (known as a binder) and for verifying income. Failure to comply with the requirements can result in cancellation of coverage and loss of premium tax credits.

Upon enrollment, the client must wait 7-10 days for the enrollment to be sent from the HIM to the insurer, then call the insurer or go online to the insurer’s website to make a payment. Unfortunately, clients accustomed to paying bills by check tend to wait for a bill. CFC has been offering technical assistance with paying the binder for our patients, which insures that the client’s coverage is not cancelled.

When CFC assists with this verification process, we help to insure that the client’s premium tax credits are not discontinued and that our patients are receiving consistent and comprehensive coverage.

In the last two months, CFC has screened 193 patients, counseled 181, and enrolled 48 in insurance plans. Many patients that have enrolled can afford only a “catastrophic plan” and thus also remain CFC patients due to inadequate coverage.