Gifts Made in Honor and Memory

The following individuals have been remembered and honored through tribute gifts to the CFC during 2016.

Gifts made in honor:

Alan Brijbassie

Alex Mahone

Andrew Collins

Anne Moss Geraty and C. Cooper Geraty

Barbara Brodie

Barbara Wilson

Ben Messinger

Brian Showalter

Bruce & Jane Greyson

Burt Burkholder

CFC Staff

Chip Whitworth

Colleen Keller

Dr. Bradley Rodgers

Dr. C. Bruce Greyson

Dr. Christopher Willms

Dr. DA Dessouky

Dr. Daniel M. Becker

Dr. David Balaban

Dr. John L. Lanham

Dr. Tom Daniel

Drs. Gretchen and Richard Brantly

Drs. Mohan Nadkarni & Andrea Tribastone

Drs. Sarah & Will Knight

Ed & Roberta Brownfield

Emily and Stephen Maggar

Francis Lavin

H. Courtney Hensley

Henry G. Morgan

James M. Garret

Jane L. Washburn

Janie Low and David Richwerger

Jeff Eligs

John Jones

Julia C. Cook

Kara & Andrew Romano, M.D.

Karen & Bob Thompson

Karen Marshall

Kathy and Jerry Mcshane

Keith Frick

Kelly Owens

Kevin McConnell

Lana and Kevin’s wedding

Laura Young

Lee Graham

Lily Alpert Lewis

Mark Keeley

Mary Ann Leeper

Mike Oblinger

Nell Tharp

Paige Powers

Pat Shipley

Pat Wood, RN

Perri Rush Brown

Pru Thorner

Richard and Lissa Merrill

Sarah Zeller

Sean Gregg

Shurling, Tred & Nancy Shurling.

Sue Sargeant

Terri Haller & Sarah Bingham

Theresa Schlager

Todd & Barbara Cabell

Gifts made in Memory:

Beverly Cibbarelli

Byrd Eastham

Carmela & Charles S. Rotolo

Denise Carr

Dominic Tomaro

Dr. J. Kaye Halsey

Dr. Latham B. Murray

Dr. Virgil Marshall

Joan Tourand

John Schoderbek

Linda Craig

Margaret P. “Peggy” Latham

Nolan Parker Jenkins

Oakey Memorial

Ralph W. Latham, DDS

Richard Slaughter

Terry Pullum

Frederick Theodore “Ted” Verhagen