Helping Patients Navigate Challenges and Transitions

The Free Clinic supports patients throughout major challenges and transitions. Jane, a longtime Free Clinic patient and a local seamstress, was recently involved in a major car accident. The accident severely impacted her ability to earn a living. After the car accident, Jane received medical care for her immediate healthcare needs from the Free Clinic team and support for her overall health care goals.

When Medicaid changes happened in Virginia earlier this year, Jane found out that she now qualified for Medicaid. An in-house insurance counselor at the Free Clinic worked with her to sign up for Medicaid. She was able to continue seeing doctors at the Free Clinic during the process, with no disruption in medical care. Since signing up for Medicaid, she was able to find a doctor closer to her home. Jane is very grateful to the Free Clinic and shared that she “feels like we saved her life.”

If you would like to help other working, community members like Jane receive high-quality medical, mental health, dental care, and medications, please consider a one-time or monthly gift to the Free Clinic. Your gift will help us keep an open door to healthcare in Charlottesville!