Helping Patients Transition to Mainstream Healthcare

An important part of our patient care is to provide existing patients with guidance and support to navigate the changing healthcare environment. This fall, we begin our 4th year of providing one-on-one support to help patients enroll in ACA. Beginning November 1, the Free Clinic will also provide onsite counseling services to patients who are now eligible for mainstream healthcare through Medicaid.

Many patients have been coming to the Free Clinic for years, and we will work to make their transition as smooth as possible. Over the next year, we expect to help enroll as many as 400 current patients in Medicaid, and continue ACA enrollment counseling.

As current eligible patients move to Medicaid coverage, they will be covered for hospital visits and other services the Free Clinic cannot provide. The Free Clinic will assist patients with eligibility questions, signing up for Medicaid, and provide resources to help them find doctors who accept their new coverage.

As some current patients move to Medicaid, spaces will also open to accept new Free Clinic patients. If you know someone who has income but does not currently have health insurance, let them know about the Free Clinic today!