Anyone can come to our walk-in clinics on Monday and Wednesdays from 8am-12:30pm. Appointments may be made after coming to a walk-in clinic.

How soon can I been seen?

  • Emergency tooth aches: please come to our walk-in clinics on Monday and Wednesdays mornings. Registration begins at 7:30am. Arrive early in order to guarantee you will be seen by the dentist.
  • If we are unable to see you at walk-in clinic, you might be given a scheduled appointment to return. Otherwise, try again at the next walk-in clinic.
  • If you do not show up to scheduled appointments, you may not be given another appointment.
  • Cleanings are scheduled after exams.

Is it really free?

  • Yes.
  • Although it is not expected, we do appreciate a donation after your visit with us so that we can continue to serve you and others in the community.

Where else can I go?

  • If you are not eligible for dental care at CFC, please visit our related links page more dental resources.
  • There are other clinics in the area that charge either a reduced fee or charge on a sliding scale based upon your income. We are happy to provide a list of such clinics.