Getting Prescriptions

Is your screening up-to-date?

In order to be eligible for medications from the CFC Pharmacy, all patients need to be re-screened each year and provide current income verification. We cannot fill or refill your prescriptions until your information is up-to-date. If you are not sure if you have been re-screened in the past year, please contact the clinic at 434-296-5525 or

How soon can I pick up my prescription?

Filling prescriptions and refills for our medical and dental patients in the shortest time possible is the CFC Pharmacy’s highest priority. However, as our pharmacy is staffed by volunteers, wait times vary.

  • If you have an appointment during our evening medical or dental clinics, we are often able to fill your prescription that same evening.
  • If you are seen during the day, your prescription should be filled during the next evening clinic.
  • For refills, please allow 7-10 days.
How do I order refills for my prescriptions?

Don’t wait until you are out of medicine!

  • 7-10 days before you run out of your medication, check the label on the prescription bottle to ensure that refills are available. If there are no refills, please call the clinic to schedule an appointment.
  • If your prescription has refills, call our refill request line at 434-961-2933 or place your refill order online. Please allow 7-10 days for your refill to be processed.