Peace of Mind: Kim’s Story

Kim, a Medical Clinic patient for the past seven years, comes in regularly to see our family nurse practitioner for medical check-ups, blood pressure medication, and to receive cortisone shots in her arthritic knee from a volunteer orthopedist – all at no cost. Her blood pressure is now under control and she is feeling better.

Earlier this year, Kim was in a lot of pain at work and made an appointment to see a doctor outside of the Free Clinic. Eight months later, she is still paying down her bill from that one visit.

Kim also recently visited the Dental Clinic for the first time, after eight years without dental care. “I was really worried about losing my teeth. I know how important dental care is to your health,” said Kim. She can now receive regular cleanings at our Dental Clinic.

Kim’s living a healthier life thanks to the generosity of dedicated volunteers and donors who help the Free Clinic keep an open door to healthcare. Thank you!