Planned Giving: In Memory of Vernon Mowbray

Mowbray Check

Mr. Mowbray passed away in September of 2014 and the  Charlottesville Free Clinic was among several local charities written into his will.

Vernon, his parents, and his two siblings moved to Charlottesville from Southern Virginia when Vernon was an infant—in 1918. Vernon grew up in Charlottesville and attended the local schools of this area. As a young adult he went into business with his father. At the age of 43 Mr. Mowbray retired and took up many hobbies including training his dogs, learning to pilot an airplane, and playing piano.

When he passed away Mr. Mowbray was 96 and depended on friends such as Lynwood and Linda Napier and Phyllis Templeton to take him to appointments and for their loyal friendship. We thank Mr. Mowbray and the Napiers for the generosity!


Mr. Mowbray’s gift to the Charlottesville Free Clinic was a surprise. He had only supported the CFC once in his life time and had not notified anyone at the CFC of this bequest gift. We are incredibly grateful to be honored with his gift!