Taking Steps to Prevent Diabetes

“The Free Clinic saved my life”

Last August, Tasheda made an appointment with Tish Polgar-Bailey, the Free Clinic’s Nurse Practitioner. Her weight had continued to climb and had gotten as high as 309 pounds. She was experiencing significant pain in her feet and ankles. At her first appointment, she expressed concern about becoming diabetic. Diabetes has affected many people in her life including her mother and
husband. A blood test confirmed that she was indeed pre-diabetic. Tasheda made a decision at that moment that she “was not going down that route.”

After her first appointment, Tasheda got serious about getting healthy. She joined a gym, working out up to 2 hours a day. She embraced a low-carb diet and became active on low-carb diet groups on Facebook.  She also stopped smoking.

Today, she is down 65 pounds and says she will never go back to where she was.  She’s excited to participate in Fresh Farmacy, the Free Clinic’s program that provides patients access to “prescriptions”  of fresh fruits and vegetables every other week throughout the spring and summer.

Tasheda Before
Her Incredible Transformation