Volunteer Appreciation 2015

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This year’s volunteer appreciation event was held on a beautiful spring evening at the Vinegar Hill Café in the Jefferson School City Center. The festive crowd enjoyed a spaghetti dinner, lively conversation and the opportunity to recognize the stellar contributions that our volunteers make to the Charlottesville Free Clinic. Amy Black, the chairperson of CFC’s board of directors, remarked that the 14,000 volunteer hours clocked in the past year amount to seven full-time employees and are absolutely essential to the continued functioning of the clinic. Karen Marshall, who volunteers as a financial screener, logged 336 hours, the most for a single volunteer.

View More: http://skipperphoto.pass.us/cfc-volunteer-dinnerView More: http://skipperphoto.pass.us/cfc-volunteer-dinnerView More: http://skipperphoto.pass.us/cfc-volunteer-dinnerView More: http://skipperphoto.pass.us/cfc-volunteer-dinner



Laura Young, who recruits, orients and oversees the volunteer program at CFC received an enthusiastic round of applause for her tireless support, good humor and whimsical table center pieces. The Mo Nadkarni award went to retiring director Erika Viccellio, whose moving acceptance speech left not a dry eye in the house. As the Vinegar Hill Café staff attempted to clear up and close the café, the lingering guests enjoyed laughs and a last sip of wine, reluctant to leave the warm glow of appreciation and companionship. Just remember, thanks to our volunteers, there’s always next year.

View More: http://skipperphoto.pass.us/cfc-volunteer-dinnerView More: http://skipperphoto.pass.us/cfc-volunteer-dinner  View More: http://skipperphoto.pass.us/cfc-volunteer-dinner View More: http://skipperphoto.pass.us/cfc-volunteer-dinnerView More: http://skipperphoto.pass.us/cfc-volunteer-dinner View More: http://skipperphoto.pass.us/cfc-volunteer-dinner View More: http://skipperphoto.pass.us/cfc-volunteer-dinner