Volunteers: The Heart of the Free Clinic

During National Health Care Volunteer Week (April 7-13), the Free Clinic salutes the hard-working men and women who donate their time and talent to provide medical, dental, mental health care, and medications to our working, uninsured neighbors.  

For over 26 years, volunteers have been the fuel for patient care. During our Evening Clinics, a variety of physicians, nurses, and medical students engage with patients and provide compassionate, high-quality care. During special Mission Days in our Dental Clinic, volunteer oral surgeons and dentists help us to reach even more patients in the community. Behind our pharmacy doors, pharmacists and pharmacy techs work with staff to ensure all patients have timely prescription refills for their essential medications. The commitment of our volunteers to our mission and most importantly, our patients, is apparent as many volunteers have shared their time with the Free Clinic for years. 

In the words of Free Clinic co-founder, Dr. Paul DeMarco, “The clinic will always have a special place in my heart. It’s where I learned about loving my patients. There is not a word in English that describes well the unique relationship committed physicians have with their patients, but I believe love is closest.”

Interested in volunteering?  Check out our volunteer opportunities for more information.   

Photos: Derrick J. Waller